Why Traditional Website Development is Better for Business than Drag and Drop Builders

By Danny Franklin
February 2nd, 2023

In the digital age, having a website is crucial for any business to succeed. With the rise of drag and drop website builders such as Wix, it’s easier than ever for people to create their own website. However, using a traditional website development approach instead of a drag and drop builder may be a better option for businesses.


Drag and drop builders may seem like the easier option, but they come with limitations when it comes to customisation. Traditional website development allows for more control over the design and functionality of the website. This gives businesses the ability to create a unique website that truly represents their brand and meets their specific needs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the biggest advantages of traditional website development is the ability to optimise the site for search engines. SEO is essential for online visibility and can help drive traffic to a website. Drag and drop builders often have limited options for optimising a site for search engines, making it harder for businesses to rank higher in search results.


As a business grows and evolves, so too must its website. Traditional website development provides the flexibility to scale and add new features as needed. With a drag and drop builder, businesses may run into limitations and have to start from scratch if they need to make significant changes to the website.

Performance and Speed

Website performance and speed are important factors that can affect the user experience and search engine rankings. Traditional website development allows for optimisation of code, resulting in faster load times and improved performance. Drag and drop builders often have limitations in this area, leading to slower website performance.


While drag and drop builders may seem cheaper in the short term, traditional website development can be more cost-effective in the long run. With a drag and drop builder, businesses may have to pay for added features or plugins, and may end up paying more in the end. Traditional website development allows for more control over the website’s functionality and eliminates the need for paid plugins and features.

In conclusion, while drag and drop builders like Wix may seem like the easier option, traditional website development provides businesses with more control, customisation, and cost-effectiveness. A well-designed and optimised website can make all the difference in the success of a business. Choose traditional website development to ensure your website truly represents your brand and meets your specific needs.

If you’re interested in getting a bespoke website to suit your business needs, then find out more about DACCAA Creative. We have over 10 years of combined experience in website design and development.

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