Released: 20/10/2018 | V: 16

It is important to read and fully understand the terms and conditions as best possible as they govern your use of this website. Failure to do so correctly and breaching them could result in account suspension or deletion. We work with local law authorities where required and we have a zero tolerance on any illegal activity. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any point without prior warning.

Protecting your data

DACCAA prioritises user’s privacy. Everything we do is done to protect a user’s privacy further. An example of this would be:

Although DACCAA maintains a high standard of security and we are always regularly reviewing and improving our security – there may be occasions where we receive a breach. By agreeing with these terms and conditions you agree to waive any right you have to bring any legal action against us and any right for monetary compensation. A breach in data is rare and unexpected however due to being a small website we must cover these grounds.


DACCAA Search collates different information in once place when you make a search. We never expose who has made the request to third party websites. We do use Google Custom Search Engine which may log data (please review Google’s Terms and Conditions). DACCAA creates a log of all searches made and they are either assigned to your user ID (if logged in) or your IP address (if not logged in) – we do this to allow you to save your recent search results, for legal reasons and finally to better tailor services for you. You may request to have this data removed at any point – in the future there will be an option for this (however at time of writing, it is still under construction).

DACCAA Account & Social

DACCAA Account and the whole registration process are completely optional parts of DACCAA. You do not have to give us any personal information if you do not wish to. However, if you choose to, your DACCAA experience will be enhanced considerably. The DACCAA Account logs various information – for security purposes – when you login (both when failed and succeeded). Here is what we log:

All the information above is stored for security purposes for an indefinite amount of time. If you would like any of it to be removed – it can be if you get in touch with DACCAA Support.

DACCAA Account allows you to set both a profile picture and a background image. Both images will be made public. We therefore require that you own all copyright permissions for the images uploaded. You may make your account private and these images will not be public anymore.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that:

DACCAA Articles

The DACCAA Articles Terms and Conditions are governed by their own separate terms and conditions ( Although you are asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions every time you create an article – this acts purely as a reminder and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are also agreeing to the DACCAA Articles Terms and Conditions as well. If the DACCAA Articles Terms and Conditions are updated, you will be required to reagree to these Terms and Conditions.


Firstly, it is important to note that DACCAA Drive is still in development phases (at time of writing it is in “beta” phase). This means that we cannot guarantee anything during your usage of DACCAA Drive. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that:

DACCAA Developers

DACCAA Developers is a specially created section of DACCAA for users who may want to create applications or websites that integrate with some of DACCAA’s core services. These services come with no guarantee of quality. By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge this and agree that you will not abuse the system in anyway. You also agree that you will report any errors or security issues to [email protected] - if found.


DACCAA Games is a collection of free online flash and HTML 5 games. DACCAA reserves the right to change these at any point or suspend this service all together. You agree you will not make copies of the games as these are beyond the license granted to you as the user.


DACCAA Dave is DACCAA’s revolutionary entry into computational intelligence. Dave is just a starting point and will receive many updates. We cannot guarantee quality or consistency throughout your experience. Dave learns from anyone who wants to teach him, and therefore could say something rude or defamatory, DACCAA does not endorse or condone anything said by Dave. If you find any offensive results, please report them.

DACCAA Fitness

Terms and conditions will follow with a suitable release of DACCAA Fitness.


The DACCAA Store provides you with a place to buy the latest DACCAA Merchandise, please note that the merchandise is provided by Spreadshirt. Please consult Spreadshirt’s terms and conditions for more information. If you need help and support regarding an order please email [email protected] and speak to their team.


DACCAA Movies is a website that compiles information from a third-party source, DACCAA does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any of the information that we provide. All images and videos remain the property of their respective owners.


DACCAA Sport is a website that compiles information from a third-party source, DACCAA does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any of the information that we provide. All images and videos remain the property of their respective owners.


DACCAA UI is DACCAA’s tool to help speed up website development by creating a prewritten CSS file which can be linked and then referenced to create quick designs. DACCAA uses DACCAA UI throughout our website. DACCAA provides no quality, consistency guarantees. You may never use the DACCAA hosted version for anything but development.


DACCAA Events is DACCAA’s next generation event management service. DACCAA collates and stores all information for you and manages invitees. DACCAA can automatically invite your friends or you can make your event public (in a future build at time of writing) or unlisted. You may then share links with people and they can manually join your event. This naturally requires a lot of data. DACCAA will make your DACCAA Account Email available in the source code of the site to anyone creating an event. DACCAA will display your name and profile picture throughout this service, whether you create a new event or are invited to one.


DACCAA Plans are a way for you to support DACCAA. DACCAA Pro is a one-off payment and DACCAA Ultimate is a monthly payment. Both will remove placed adverts – this does not include adverts we have no control over – like the adverts on the results page. Refunds are possible if you contact support with a justified reason within a reasonable time period. We define “reasonable time period” as 48 hours of placing the transaction – if support takes longer to respond than 48 hours, you will be exempt unless your justification is poor. Examples of justification will not be given for safeguarding and company practices issues.

DACCAA Support

DACCAA Support provides help and support throughout DACCAA. All users get priority support, no matter which plan you are on. DACCAA aims to reply within 48 hours however this isn’t always possible – this by no means is a guarantee of response time. Support is logged for quality purposes and is accessible to all of DACCAA’s Staff. Admin staff have full access to all of your information and data, normal staff have access to redacted email addresses and other measures to ensure the best privacy possible.