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DACCAA Support

Welcome to DACCAA Support, we are here for you if ever you should need us.


Your DACCAA account

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How do I close my account?

To close your account, please contact support. We can then arrange to have all of your date removed from our servers and databases.

Is my account secure?

Here at DACCAA, we do our best to secure your accounts as much as possible and there are some things put in place to do this. Firstly, all payment information is never stored on DACCAA's servers - it is securely submitted to Stripe's servers (our payment processor). Your passwords are one-way encrypted several times to make sure that if there was ever a breach in the database that a hacker could never work out what your password. We limit the amount of personal information we store in order to make less available within our databases. All information transmitted to the server is done so using a SSL (https://) connetion which means whilst in transit your information is encrypted.