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How it works

Starting with DACCAA Cards is simple. Just follow the steps below and you are ready to go.

Sign up

Sign up for a free DACCAA Account and log into that account.

Add birthdays

Add your friends and families' birthdays, their addresses, and some categories.

We pick

One month prior to their birthday we confirm the price, their address, and our card selection. You can change the card or cancel.

We deliver

Two weeks before their birthday, we will then bill you, print their card, and send it to be delivered.

We are working with independent artists

We are working with independent artists from all around the world to offer and ever expanding collection of cards. You will not find these unique designs anywhere else but DACCAA Cards. If you are an independent artist and would be interested in adding your art to our platform, please get in touch to learn more.

I'm a creator

Cards are sentimental to me...

If cards are important to you, you can use our service just for acquaintances and others you must remember in your life. If you just want to use just a reminders app to help remember people's birthdays, we also offer just that.

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