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Marketing is hard. We can help.

We can help discuss a plan for you to keep your socials active.

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Here are our digital marketing prices.

About marketing

We understand that running your business keeps you very busy and keeping on top of social media can be annoying. That is why we take everything we have learned running DACCAA and apply it to your business. We create eye-catching images to grab the users attention and then create more long formed text (copy) to better suit your business and help engage users. We can work with you to help reach your target demographic by suggesting which platforms a social media presence may have an impact on your business.
Social Media Management
1 post a week
Up to 3 Social Accounts
£99 per month
3 posts a week
Up to 3 Social Accounts
£249 per month
5 posts a week
Up to 3 Social Accounts
£499 per month
Marketing Plans
7 posts a week
Unlimited Social Accounts
£999 per month
Coming Soon
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