V: 14.3.3

V: 14.3.2 (Christmas)

V: 14.3.2

V: 14.3.1

DACCAA Inform (V 14)

14.2- 01/02/2016

Features may have been available for a while this is because we stagger the release of features and only report an update in the change log once all planned improvements have been made.

  1. Search Suggest - autocomplete your search with a suggested popular result.
  2. Speed improvements.
  3. The creation of DACCAA Account (replacing settings).
  4. Database connection security improvements.
  5. DACCAA Articles - search added, speed improvements, tweaked UI
  6. Improved API intergration with clearer information on what personal data is sent to the third party.
  7. Many minor improvements

14.1.2 - 21/10/2015

  1. Speed improvements.
  2. Adblocker detection.
  3. New email template.
  4. Email login notifications.
  5. Email newsletters.
  6. New messages service.

14.1.1 - 21/10/2015

  1. Changed the DACCAA text with a logo image.
  2. Removed the colon from the menu.

14.1.0 - 16/10/2015

  1. General Speed Enhancements.
  2. Hidden menu that animates out for quicker access.
  3. Removal of colour themes.
  4. Removal of search name changing.
  5. Removal of night mode.
  6. Removal of menu bars.
  7. Increased space for more of your background images.
  8. Security improvements to the login system and search system.
  9. Created new email campaigns.
  10. Updating the login API to V2. - Future release.
  11. Removed now unncessary information from the database.

14.0.2 - 04/08/2015

  1. Reverted search to full search, option for speed search coming to settings soon.
  2. Added a remember me section to the login form.
  3. Added the DACCAA logo to the login form.
  4. Updated the Register and Forgot Password buttons on the login page.
  5. Moved the Remember Me and Forget Me buttons into the settings from the menu.
  6. Added the DACCAA Articles to the menu.
  7. Added the DACCAA Help to the menu.
  8. Redesigned DACCAA edits with the introduction of it back to the start menu.
  9. Added new smaller buttons on the Menu for most contact actions.
  10. Created login API here.
  11. Undisclosed database security improvements.

14.0.1 - 19/07/2015

  1. Created DACCAA Instant Search V2 speed for faster search results.
  2. Stability improvements.
  3. Updated Change Log.

14.0.0 - 29/06/2015

  1. Full released made of DACCAA Infrom V14.
  2. Now collects information from external sources such as a film lookup.
  3. DACCAA Reviews service intergration.
  4. Maths related requests now built directly into search results.
  5. Bing Image search shown where convienient.
  6. New Site wide font (not all pages yet).
  7. New style search box.
  8. Content block styled infromation displayed on results page.
  9. Intellegent advertising added, adverts will only be displayed when there is enough room at the top of the page.
  10. Probility interactions added.
  11. Basic "AI" interactions added.
  12. Quick date and time requests added.
  13. Ability to display 16 images rather than 4 added.
  14. New simplified results page design.
  15. Website suggestion service.
  16. Help Based instant suggestions.
  17. DACCAA Service suggest rather than redirect.
  18. Built in Tic Tac Toe game.
  19. Built in Youtube search (e.g. "Youtube: funny dogs").
  20. Create and email just by searching for an email address.

14.0.0 - Beta

  1. Stable beta created.
  2. Speed improvements.

14.0.0 - Alpha

  1. Pre-alpha, turned into stable alpha.
  2. Changes currently unannounced.


DACCAA Inspire (V 13)

13.2.12 - Released on 16/06/2015

  1. New font released ready for upgrade to DACCAA Inform.

13.2.11 - Released on 15/05/2015

  1. Started to log more information on each login for security reasons.
  2. Provided users with basic security information.
  3. Allowed users to change there security answer. (mothers maiden name)
  4. Added a news box for all important news.
  5. Redesigned the we use cookies message.
  6. Hide most of the digists of a mobile number when displayed in settings.
  7. Allowed the users to delete there accounts.
  8. Refinded the login process to make it work (behind scenes) more smoothly.
  9. Now the login form detects a new email address and redirects to the register page.
  10. Implemented feature suggestion near the top of the settings page.
  11. Redesigned DACCAA Drive's logo.
  12. Added a desktop monitor size preview of your background image.

13.2.10 - Released on 12/05/2015

  1. Redesigned settings page with some minor tweaks.
  2. New DACCAA night mode images.
  3. A we need your help section on settings page.
  4. Changed the tip to make it more relavent to recent changes.
  5. Tweaked settings colour scheme.
  6. Continued undisclosed tidying behind the scenes.

13.2.9 - Released on 04/05/2015

  1. Updated learning and games to give them the new menu bar.
  2. Implemented Colour Schemes onto all pages with menu bars.
  3. Added a settings tip for background images.
  4. Changed the security of cookies to make them a lot more secure.
  5. Made the menu tiles larger.
  6. Removed Edits from menu due to a soon migration with Drive.

13.2.8 - Released on 03/05/2015

  1. DACCAA settings now includes a colour scheme selector.
  2. DACCAA settings now allows you to turn of DACCAA Instant Search.
  3. DACCAA settings now has DACCAA removed from the title.
  4. New colour themes implemented into search page, with more pages to come soon.
  5. Terms and conditions update.
  6. Updated DACCAA Time to make it look flatter. DACCAA Time
  7. Made remember me a lot more secure.
  8. Added some code to check for a cookie before sending you to login page to save you having to re-login if you are already logged in with remember me.
  9. Removed shadows on search page for a better performace.
  10. Change log now mobile compatible.
  11. Updated DACCAA night mode style to match the rest of website.

13.2.7 - Released on 29/04/2015

  1. DACCAA Search now works with https:// or http:// URL searching - Mr Martin.
  2. DACCAA Search now supports BASIC calculation inputs.
  3. DACCAA Search forms have now been designed more like DACCAA Drive.

13.2.6 - Released on 27/04/2015

  1. DACCAA Drive now allows folder creation.
  2. DACCAA Drive now allows folder deletion.
  3. DACCAA Drive now allows uploads into a folder.

13.2.5 - Released on 26/04/2015

  1. Fixed issue with remember me, it wasn't.
  2. DACCAA Drive now stops all old IE users for using it.
  3. DACCAA Drive now shows a loading message.
  4. DACCAA Drive speed improvements.
  5. DACCAA Search, reintorduced background images (speed enhancements).

13.2.4 - Released on 23/04/2015

  1. DACCAA Drive design refresh.
  2. Folder supported added (full release coming soon).
  3. DACCAA Drive is now organised by Alphabet rather than date when being displayed.
  4. Enhanced message for Drive beta warning.
  5. Images will no longer overflow the holder in DACCAA Drive.

13.2.3 - Released on 15/04/2015

Continued gradual release of 13.2

  1. Implemented the new menu bar into more of the services.
  2. Continued to make new designs look flatter.
  3. Redesigned Change log.

13.2.2 - Released on 14/04/2015

Continued gradual release of 13.2

  1. Created a new menu bar.
  2. Implemented the new menu bar into most of the services.
  3. Added the member section to most services.
  4. Added support for custom photos.
  5. Continued to make new designs look flatter.

13.2.1 - Released on 10/04/2015

Continued gradual release of 13.2

  1. Updated DACCAA drive and made it full width display.
  2. Tweaked some of DACCAA Drive's colour themes.
  3. Made DACCAA learning a full width website.
  4. Tweaked some of the DACCAA learning colour themes.
  5. Add support for mobile phone reset (full release coming soon).
  6. Updated DACCAA settings colour themes.
  7. Made some experimental colour changing text boxes.
  8. Changed the width of the settings page.
  9. Updated the menu's on the remaining un-updated services.
  10. Updated email template.
  11. Created a reset password option.

13.2.0 - Released on 06/04/2015

  1. Updated main search page and added video support.
  2. Added Credits Bar.
  3. Updated night mode colours to make them more sensible contrasts.
  4. Added support for new logo.
  5. Added support for DACCAA name changing.
  6. Planning support for custom videos.

13.1.7 - Released on 05/04/2015

  1. Fixed the settings page display on mobile devices.

13.1.6 - Released on 04/04/2015

  1. Added ability to instant search with full URL.

13.1.5 - Released on 29/03/2015

  1. Added page load animations and visual representations.
  2. Made code changes ready for 13.2.
  • Updated search form on normal and night mode.
  • 13.1.4 - Released on 16/03/2015

    1. Fixed blank entries on register form.
    2. Fixed invalid email address registrations.
    3. Fixed invalid name registrations.
    4. Fixed invalid password registrations.
    5. Added more password regulations.
    6. Updated the verification email for better formatting.
    7. Updated an error with the verification email.
    8. Enforcing email verification again.
    9. Passwords can now longer have the word DACCAA in them.
    10. Terms and Conditions are now enforced after first login like they were meant to be.
    11. All required to re-agree to Terms and Conditions due to this uncertainty.
    12. Reinstated night mode.
    13. Made a new night mode design.

    13.1.3 - Released on 12/03/2015

    1. Fixed a security loop hole (undisclosed)
    2. Removed the ability to sign up multiple times - credit: danrala

    13.1.2 - Released on 09/03/2015

    1. Added hidden support for background video - full release coming soon.
    2. Added hidden support for DACCAA name changing - full release coming soon.
    3. Added hidden support for new credits bar - full release coming soon.
    4. Started building DACCAA 13.2.0 - with hidden features being released with it.

    13.1.1 - Released on 01/03/2015

    1. Redesigned login form
    2. Redesigned Drive upload form and new images to describe allowed files
    3. Support for CDR - Corel Draw Files on DACCAA Drive
    4. Chemical Engineering - April Fool Established (just search for chemical engineering on DACCAA search)

    13.1.0 - Released on 25/02/2015

    1. Edited the main search bar and button
    2. Added a new white box around the search content
    3. Updated search page font to Lato (planned gradual release for other pages)
    4. Updated results page to match new style
    5. Updated the settings page to have new design and more features
    6. You can now change your name and email from the settings page

    13.0.3 - Released on 01/02/2015

    1. Created a new login page
    2. Added support for autofill on the new login page
    3. Added password reset option
    4. Added the ability to upload: pdf's, word docs, powerpoints and excel docs to DACCAA drive
    5. Re-added edits to the main menu (under explore)
    6. Redesigned the games centre
    7. Added META info to search page for SEO
    8. Redeisgned the contact us page

    13.0.2 - Released on 28/01/2015

    1. Change log created
    2. Remember me related bugs fixed
    3. Better menu for non-logged in users created
    4. New cookie consent messages
    5. minor code effiencency changes
    6. Homepage "loading" removed
    7. 4 New photos added!!!!
    8. Removed old Alpha text from settings page
    9. Added the ability to re-view cookie message
    10. Speeded up the setting of a new background image or colour


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