DACCAA Global 🌍
We have started rebuilding the whole of DACCAA, we have added support for additional languages. This is the biggest ever update to DACCAA. Not all of our planned changes will be available at launch. This version started on 29th June 2021. We also added a lot of dark mode support.
We are working on more great features everyday. What will come next? Who knows...
  • Brand new dialog UI
  • Brand new sidebar
  • New glass effect for background covers
  • DACCAA Search now works for logged in users
  • Translations coming soon to DACCAA Search
  • Forgot password rebuilt
  • You can now change your password
  • You can now change your profile picture
  • You can now change your cover picture
  • Tweaks to biography layout in account
  • DACCAA Account is now mobile compatible
  • No longer asked to agree to the terms and conditions when you already had
  • Changed database structre and naming schemes (this will probably cause some future bugs)
  • Various smaller bug fixes
  • DACCAA Account
    • Brand new design
    • Started bringing options for all the settings across
    • Still very much a work in progress
  • DACCAA Library
    • Now displays last five reading sessions on expanded book information page
  • DACCAA Support
    • Brought DACCAA Support back online
    • Added clearer sections when choosing what your issue is regarding
    • Added references to the upcoming DACCAA apps
    • Fixed some UI issues
    • This update does not include additional language support or dark mode - those are coming soon
  • DACCAA Library
    • Changed the position labels on the main banners
    • Fixed content alignment inside the main banners
    • Setup the backend ready for the app
    • Books without a description can no longer appear in the banners
  • DACCAA Library
    • Improved the "currently reading" algorithm
    • Fixed the spacing on the footer
    • Created the light mode
    • Tidied the new menu
    • Moved settings to the bottom of the menu
  • DACCAA Library
    • Brought over to the new version
    • Brand new design (old UI to the new UI)
    • Banner only shown on homepage
    • Wider area for content
    • New streamlined side menu
    • Now add books from the menu button
    • Tweaked some data on the homepage - more data coming soon
    • We are working on a mobile optimised version
  • Introducing DACCAA Global
  • We are slowly adding language support for German and Spanish
  • We are adding dark mode support for all services
  • We are rebuilding all of our services with the brand new login security
  • We have rebuilt the login system to be much faster and much more secure
  • We highlight privacy throghout DACCAA to allow you to see how we use your data and what we do
  • In a future build we will remove all analytical tools from our site
  • In a future build news images will be served from our servers to prevent tracking
  • DACCAA Articles fixed for new version (new version coming soon)
  • DACCAA Flags added as a menu item
  • DACCAA Flags speed improvements
  • DACCAA Creative complete overhaul
  • Fixed the notification system with brand new APIs
  • Notifications now render in dark mode
DACCAA Invincible
DACCAA Invincible is the first major release of DACCAA since 18th September 2017. DACCAA Invincible was a huge progression in everything in every way. We added more JavaScript to make actions more seamless. We added more API's to create things like rich built in notifications. Starting on 15th May 2019 we began the gradual roll out, minor features first. Search due around 1st June.
  • Redirect page now supports dark mode
  • DACCAA Flags
    • Fixed a bug which could lead to a falsely inflated streak
  • DACCAA Flags
    • DACCAA Flag Guesser rebranded to DACCAA Flags
    • Brand new updated design
    • Dark mode added
    • Limited options from 7 to 4
    • Added a score
    • Added support for scores linked to DACCAA Accounts
    • Stopped the correct answer being shown as a wrong answer
    • Added a best score
    • Added sound effects
  • Changed the way themes work. They now work based upon your system/browser settings
  • Created a DACCAA Library dark mode
  • Tweaked dark mode style for the menu
  • DACCAA Search results now appear in dark mode
  • DACCAA Casino
    • New leaderboard design
    • Usernames displayed on leaderboard instead
    • Buttons added ready for new games
    • Started adding the visuals for gifting other plays
    • Changed the font family
  • Merry Christmas!
  • DACCAA Creative has new photos
  • DACCAA Creative now resizes image background dynamically
  • DACCAA Creative has a new callback box that appears
  • DACCAA Library
    • Want to scan the barcode? Now you can.
      • This feature is in beta and being tested, we are having some issues that we are trying to fix.
    • This update makes it work brilliantly on mobile phones
  • DACCAA Library
    • Wishlist is now functional
    • You can now add books that do not already exist
    • You are now credited for the books you add
    • The banner now displays some random books too
    • More natural ways of displaying dates used
    • Home section is now tidied up and works better
    • Fixed issues with the adding book UI
  • DACCAA Library
    • Added reading stats so you can see your reading speed
    • Added time remaining on the book
  • Introducing the DACCAA Library Alpha - your place to manage your entire physical book library
  • DACCAA Articles user profile images now curved
  • Fixed an issue with the icons not loading (DACCAA Articles)
  • Added authors bio to the article page
  • Started to implement the new DACCAA Articles UI (homepage) - it is functioning as before however, we are not quite happy with this, this is an area that will be worked on further. The search, draft and category functions do not work as of yet.
  • Fixed an issue where "more to read" would not load in
  • Added sponsored items to DACCAA NewsFlow
  • Removed "top stories" text from DACCAA NewsFlow items
  • Removed the additional link to DACCAA Creative at the top of the menu
  • DACCAA Creative:
    • We are now verified partners with IONOS
    • Added the IONOS partner badge
    • By default prices are displayed with our hosting
    • Added a new image in the background
    • Added new starter plan
  • DACCAA Movies:
    • DACCAA Movies is now /movies/ not /movie/
    • DACCAA Movies has a brand new UI (old UI to the new UI)
    • DACCAA Movies has a quicker load time
  • Added support for Euros and Dollars inside the clothing store
  • Fixed mobile issues with the new version of DACCAA Events
  • Added the ability to delete events
  • Fixed some security issues with the QR code scanner
  • Changed the "note"'s colour on DACCAA Studios
  • Pushed the new version of DACCAA Events to all users
  • Added Coronavirus delay warning to DACCAA Clothes
  • Fixed the sizing issue of images on DACCAA Clothes
  • The size guide for DACCAA Clothes is now product specific
  • Added clarity to the messages regarding returns
  • Added meta data to DACCAA Clothes to add more data to URL previews
  • Added structured data to DACCAA Clothes to allow Google to provide better previews
  • Added better support for future products on DACCAA Clothes
  • Changed around the DACCAA Menu
    • Added the new DACCAA Movies logo
    • Removed DACCAA Sport
    • Rearranged to a more logical order
    • Demoted developers to text only
    • Seperated DACCAA Services and DACCAA Departments
    • Expanded DACCAA Recommends
    • Changed the name of some sections
  • Created and released Westwood Franklin (WF)
  • Removed the DACCAA Store
  • Added a new way to enter dates in DACCAA Events
  • DACCAA Events dashboard is nearly ready for full release
  • Some visual tweaks to DACCAA Studios
  • Now choose if you would only like technology based news from DACCAA NewsFlow
  • Added a subtle outline to the DACCAA Menu button
  • DACCAA Search Alpha (Credit Andrew Timothy)
    • Fixed first searches not defaulting correctly to standard search
    • Fixed layout issues with the menu
    • Fixed an issue where spaces may be incorrectly displayed as "+" symbols
  • Added DACCAA Studios to the menu
  • We have added the articles page to DACCAA Support's Knowledge Base - this means we can start showing articles - as soon as we have written them
  • Changed phrasing from "Contact Support" to "DACCAA Support" in the menu
  • We have added the ability to disabled DACCAA NewsFlow if you would prefer not to see this - this can be done from Account settings
  • Updated "DACCAA Redirect":
    • Fixed mobile display issues
    • Given more space to content on mobile
    • Moved the loading bar to the top of the page - to prevent the buttons moving
    • The preview now has a default minimum height which should also help prevent the buttons moving
    • Reworded some of the text
    • Added a link to DACCAA Account to change the warning settings
  • Optimised DACCAA NewsFlow on mobile
  • DACCAA Search updated for mobile
  • DACCAA Studios website created
  • Switched email marketing to MailerLite
  • DACCAA Search MOTD updated to reflect DACCAA Studios
  • A new focus on DACCAA Fitness
    • Days no longer dictate the workouts
    • You are no longer capped at seven workouts
    • You can now name workouts
    • Workouts can now optionally be associated with a day
    • You can now delete workouts
    • You can now create new workouts
  • Happy New Year!
  • Added better translations to some areas of DACCAA Search DE
  • Removed some more occurences of English that slipped through to the German version
  • Marked services in English or German in the menu on DACCAA Search DE
  • Fixed an issue with the festive logo lingering around
  • Updated and tweaked some of the MOTD messages on the homepage
  • Added a German language version of DACCAA Search
  • Automatically redirect German visitors to the new experience
  • Finally (it only took four months) fixed an issue with menu not resizing after dismissing notifications
  • The loading bar no longer pushes content in the menu
  • Tweaked the naming and order of the menu with text items
  • Added the menu to the change log (this page)
  • Added back the date based MOTD to the homepage
  • Updated some phrasing throughout for consistency (such as changing every occurence to say "login" rather than "sign in" or "login")
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Released alpha build of the brand new DACCAA Social
  • Tweaked some settings with DACCAA Mirror
  • Added an automatic "update" function to DACCAA Mirror
  • Optimised performance on DACCAA Search Alpha
  • Added translate and other services to DACCAA Search Alpha
  • Tweaked the design of the change-log
DACCAA Invincible (17.2.0) - 15/12/2019
  • Released alpha build of the brand new DACCAA Search
DACCAA Invincible (17.1.5) - 02/12/2019
  • Added a Christmas Easter Egg
DACCAA Invincible (17.1.4) - 28/11/19
  • DACCAA Casino updates:
    • Changed the info display UI
    • Changed the messages displayed by the info
    • Added the "bet all credits" option - for those with bigger credit balances
    • Added the ability to reclaim the free 100 credits from the game screen
    • Rotated the dealers cards
    • Created a brand new leaderboard design
    • You can now refresh the leaderboard
    • Added the new DACCAA Credits sign Ⓓ
DACCAA Invincible (17.1.3) - 27/11/19
  • DACCAA Casino updates:
    • Fixed an issue where aces would be added incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue where 5 cards would win even on bust
    • Fixed an issue where users would not be credited
    • Fixed an issue where you could attempt to bet twice before the first game starts
    • Switched the way the balance is refreshed
    • Created a leaderboard for DACCAA Casino
    • Optimised the whole of DACCAA Casino for mobile devices
    • Optimised the UI for lower resolution monitors
    • Added the option to leave table
    • Created a transaction history for DACCAA Credits
    • Fixed an exploit where you could win double your original bet (credit Edward Cherrington)
    • Added loading bars to indicate that your click is being processed successfully
    • Added better statement descriptors to all transactions
    • Prevented multiple introductory offers being claimed (credit Samuel Moores)
DACCAA Invincible (17.1.3) - 26/11/19
  • Introducing DACCAA Casino
    • Added Blackjack to DACCAA Casino
    • Created a DACCAA Credit system
    • Fixed an issue where five cards would win even on fifth bust (credit Ryan Ford)
DACCAA Invincible (17.1.2) - 25/11/19
  • Added a brand new featured section to DACCAA Recommends
DACCAA Invincible (17.1.1) - 04/11/19
  • Tweaked the way news is displayed on DACCAA Search
DACCAA Invincible (17.1.0) - 03/11/19
  • Introducing the brand new DACCAA Account
    • A brand new one page design
    • More settings
    • Faster performance
    • More information
    • Optimised uploading experience
    • All profile picture uploads are now optimised
    • This version is not complete and we will continue to roll out additional features soon...
  • Fixed a bug in DACCAA Social where the menu failed to display the users correct information (credit James Plant)
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.27) - 06/10/19
  • Fixed an issue with opening DACCAA's internal notifications, in an email client, losing data (credit James Plant)
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.26) - 01/10/19
  • The time is now displayed in the search box along with the date
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.25) - 21/09/19
  • Tweaked the style of cases in DACCAA Support
  • Finally made the case history section to see all previous cases
  • Removed some unnecessary information from the case previews
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.24) - 18/09/19
  • Fixed an issue with DACCAA Dave due to an unexpected error
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.23) - 17/09/19
  • Added the ability for the DACCAA Dave Beta to give you your email
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.22) - 09/09/19
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.21) - 01/09/19
  • Tweaked the profile dropdown on the search homepage
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.20) - 15/08/19
  • Transitioned DACCAA Dave Alpha to DACCAA Dave Beta
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.19) - 05/08/19
  • Fixed an unanticipated error due to an issue with yesterday's release
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.18) - 04/08/19
  • Huge optimisations to DACCAA's underlying code. This will optimise speed throughout
  • Fixed a bug where DACCAA failed to remember your chosen colour theme on first load (credit Jack Simmons)
  • Fixed incorrect country information loading on some occasions
  • Enhanced the DACCAA News experience for desktop users
  • Improved the search homepage css styles
  • Fixed the display of news on DACCAA News (credit James Plant)
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.17) - 02/08/19
  • Started moving away from attributing external sources on individual pages, now all sources will be attributed on the acknowledgements page. Unless otherwise required
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.16) - 18/07/19
  • DACCAA Search
    • Tweaked the UI of the search box to allow a better render on iOS and fix unintended whitespace
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.15) - 14/07/19
  • Improved accessibility access for DACCAA Movies
  • Optmised some smaller areas in DACCAA Movies
  • DACCAA Movies Expand bar now changes to say "Collapse" when clicked
  • Getting ready to tweak DACCAA Movies and reduce load time
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.14) - 13/07/19
  • Moved notifications to the top of the screen on mobile
  • Optimised notifications on mobile for a smaller screen
  • Fixed an issue preventing the dismiss action of notifications on first load
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.13) - 11/07/19
  • Fixed a wording issue on DACCAA Redirect
  • Repositioned the scrollbar in the new menu
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.12) - 10/07/19
  • Introducing DACCAA Search V17
    • News on the search page
    • A brand new clean design
    • A brand new profile menu with themes
    • First major support for DACCAA's themes
    • The new results experience will be out soon

You can see the old search page here and the new search page here.
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.11) - 09/07/19
  • Introducing DACCAA Menu V3
    • Notifications are now displayed in the menu
    • We have refined the space to make it easier to navigate
    • There is a new indicator for notifications
    • We have completely redesigned the menu
    • There is a brand new menu theme
    • Text links are now make clearer
    • New sub-headings for the text links
    • Removed useless sub-headings
    • Brought back a visual scrollbar for Webkit
    • Condensed the profile section

You can see the old menu here and the new menu here.
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.10) - 03/07/19
  • DACCAA Drive
    • Moved the multi-select interface to the left
  • DACCAA Fitness
    • Started working on the new dashboard - the new way to access DACCAA Fitness
    • Workouts are now grouped by days of the week
    • Page now makes full use of JavaScript to prevent the need to "reload" each time
    • New colour theme
    • Started work on the recommendations engine
    • Added DACCAA Articles to DACCAA Fitness - finally
    • DACCAA Staff members published exercises are marked as The DACCAA Team
    • Added a focus on motivation
  • Updated DACCAA Notifications (error/success/information) whole UI
  • Added persistent dismissable notifications
  • Removed hideous full notification background colours
  • Added "note" (information) type notifications
  • Notifications now appear in the bottom right
  • Notifications are now stackable
  • Adapted the general style of service based notes in this change log
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.9) - 19/06/19
  • DACCAA Search Alpha updated
    • New scrollbar on homepage
    • Adjusted height to better fit the scrollbar
  • DACCAA now supports universal theme changing via a keyboard shortcut throughout the site, just press "ctrl" and <left arrow/down arrow/right arrow>
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.8) - 18/06/19
  • DACCAA Drive Beta updated
    • Dark mode has arrived
    • The DACCAA upload widget now uploads to the new version of DACCAA Drive
    • Aligned the tag image - finally
    • Recent uploads are now ordered by date uploaded not filename
    • Fixed an issue with unexpected ID reuse
    • We now automatically redirect new and alpha users to the new DACCAA Drive - existing users will have an option to migrate soon
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.7) - 01/06/19
  • DACCAA Drive Beta updated
    • Fixed a bug for preview area shrinking after opening a video
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.6) - 30/05/19
  • DACCAA Drive Beta updated
    • DACCAA Drive can now "open" files
    • DACCAA Drive opens files on the same page
    • DACCAA Drive has a new file viewer
    • DACCAA Drive has switched to double click to open
    • DACCAA Drive now suggests to migrate old data over
    • DACCAA Drive's upload button has been tweaked
    • DACCAA Drive now fixes file times if they were previously incorrectly set
    • DACCAA Drive has some minor speed improvements
    • DACCAA Drive now has a credit note on the left bar
    • DACCAA Drive now labels this version as a beta
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.5) - 29/05/19
  • DACCAA Drive Beta updated
    • DACCAA Drive has full multi-selection support
    • DACCAA Drive's interface has been tweaked slightly
    • DACCAA Drive's colour themes have been changed
    • DACCAA Drive's interface now works on mobile
    • DACCAA Drive's search feature now works by pressing "enter"
    • DACCAA Drive now counts Adobe Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint, Excel files as "Files"
    • DACCAA Drive's interface is now collapsible
    • DACCAA Drive's logo has changed from text to the DACCAA Logo
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.4) - 28/05/19
  • DACCAA Drive Beta updated
    • DACCAA Drive is able to generate file previews
    • DACCAA Drive scrolls the preview if a document
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.3) - 27/05/19
  • DACCAA Drive Beta updated
    • Huge speed improvements on Drive (credit Deantae Black)
    • Minor tweaks to DACCAA
  • Added dictionary information to DACCAA Search Alpha
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.2) - 22/05/19
  • Added a DACCAA News API
  • Added DACCAA NewsFlow to DACCAA Search Alpha
  • Started work on DACCAA Tasks
  • Minor layout tweaks in DACCAA Search Alpha
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.1) - 18/05/19
  • Changed "Your cases" to "Recent cases"
  • Reduced "Recent cases" to last three cases
  • Fixed issue with DACCAA Support thinking you were banned
  • Adjusted the layout and design of DACCAA Support
DACCAA Invincible (17.0.0) - 15/05/19
  • Fixed major issue with DACCAA failing to load (credit James Plant)
  • Added support for native JS notifications - allowing for richer details
  • Allowed users to opt into Invincible's Search Alpha
DACCAA One was first released on the 18th September 2017. DACCAA One was a huge progression in everything we wanted to achieve at DACCAA.
DACCAA One (16.6.0) - 04/04/19
DACCAA One (16.5.4) - 20/01/19
DACCAA One (16.5.3) - 12/01/19
DACCAA One (16.5.2) - 01/01/19
DACCAA One (16.5.1) - 28/12/18
DACCAA One (16.5.0) - 24/09/18
DACCAA One (16.4.1) - 21/08/18

We are continuing work on DACCAA Events constantly and value your feedback.

DACCAA One (16.4.0) - 02/08/18

We are continuing work on DACCAA Events constantly and value your feedback.

DACCAA One (16.3.2) - 10/06/18
DACCAA One (16.3.1) - 04/06/18
DACCAA One (16.3.0) - 23/05/18
DACCAA One (16.2.0) - 08/05/18
DACCAA One (16.1.1) - 11/03/18
DACCAA One (16.1.0) - 13/12/17
DACCAA One (16.0.0) - 18/09/2017
DACCAA Amaze, did just that, DACCAA released a brand-new login focused update that brought the whole eco system a new fresh lick of paint. The much-needed redesigns and upgrades were enough alone to warrant an independent version.
DACCAA Inform, so far, the most changes ever made to DACCAA in one version. DACCAA Inform brings many new advanced features loved by DACCAA users around the world.
14.3.2 (Christmas)
14.2.0 - 01/02/2016
14.1.2 - 21/10/2015
14.1.1 - 20/10/2015
14.1.0 - 16/10/2015
14.0.2 - 04/08/2015
14.0.1 - 19/07/2015
14.0.0 - 29/06/2015
DACCAA Inspire
DACCAA Inspire was designed to create the ultimate DACCAA experience. It considered many advanced features that have kept on growing and has finally become the core principles of what we know and love about DACCAA today.
13.2.12 - 16/06/2015
13.2.11 - 15/05/2015
13.2.10 - 12/05/2015
13.2.9 - 04/05/2015
13.2.8 - 03/05/2015
13.2.7 - 29/04/2015
13.2.6 - 27/04/2015
13.2.5 - 26/04/2015
13.2.4 - 23/04/2015
13.2.3 - 15/04/2015
13.2.2 - 14/04/2015
13.2.1 - 10/04/2015
13.2.0 - 06/04/2015
13.1.7 - 05/04/2015
13.1.6 - 04/04/2015
13.1.5 - 29/03/2015
13.1.4 - 16/03/2015
13.1.3 - 12/03/2015
13.1.2 - 09/03/2015
13.1.1 - 01/03/2015
13.1.0 - 25/02/2015
13.0.3 - 01/02/2015
13.0.2 - 28/01/2015