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WWDC 2018 - is just around the corner...
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Sunday 27th May 2018 (3 years ago)

So Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is just around the corner. Monday the 4th of June at 6 PM (BST) we can expect to see a live stream. WWDC is always known for its focus on software as apposed to product launches however that does not stop them from launching products or at least announcing them.

iOS 12

We are expecting a new version of iOS to be announced. The logical name for this version would be iOS 12 following on from iOS 11. This version of iOS is said not to bring too many new features to the table but instead be an optimisation of the system as a whole. We are expecting bug fixes and speed improvements.

We could also see some minor new features but this won't be the design overhaul that we are now said to be getting next year.

We are likely to see some new Animoji and maybe even integration within FaceTime. There may also be support for horizontal Face ID. Some parental controls features are expected to be announced as well. It has recently been rumored that Apple may be opening up their NFC to support unlocking hotel doors and the like.

Could we see the much rumored cross-platform app support? It has been rumored that Apple may be delaying that until next year however.

New Hardware?

It is believed that Apple may unveil a new line-up of iPad Pro's with support for Face ID this June. Which may make sense if the software side is more about stability and bug fixes as this will surely bring up the excitement levels.

The AirPower mat was announced in September 2018, so we may see some more information about that at this WWDC.

Country Roll-outs

Apple typically launches fairly major software features, like Apple Pay, first in the United States and then slowly rolls them out to other countries. So, could we see some more releases in the UK?

Peer-to-peer Apple Pay has been launched in the US for a while now. Could we see this released in the UK? Also voice-mail transcription, which remains in Beta, has been released in the US but we still have not got it yet in the UK.

Overall there is a lot that could be announced and this may lead to a fairly exciting event. I personally am hoping for a lot of Siri improvements and even improvements with Siri intelligence across device so your phone becomes even more smart and more proactive.

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