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Why we switched to the Affinity Suite
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Creator/Co-founder of DACCAA, web/iOS developer and technology enthusiast.
Thursday 9th April 2020 (1 year ago)

Why did we switch to the Affinity Suite?

For DACCAA Creative it has always been very important to be able to quickly and easily mock-up website designs and even logos from time to time. We used to use Adobe's Suite prior to creating our business for this as it provided the industry standard tools however, we long decided they were no longer affordable for our small business. We made the switch to Affinity after hearing about their more affordable strategy. We are very pleased we have switched now; we much prefer the way Affinity's products look and work and we feel they are even more robust than Adobe with much better customer support.

Cross platform

You can access Affinity's software on PC, Mac and even iOS. This makes it truly a complete experience. The ability to pick up my iPad and finish designing or drawing something that maybe requires the precision of the Apple Pencil is truly a game changer. Adobe does offer an iPad experience for Photoshop, but it is missing almost every important feature and just feels much more clunky compared to Affinity's apps. One thing I would like to see from Affinity is the ability to show some form of synced files whether this be through their own cloud service if they do a partnership with a cloud provider to get this seamlessness in their apps. This would allow me to start a document on my Windows PC, then move to my iPad to finishing touching the design up, before showing the client on my Mac.

One document any software

The ability to open any of the Affinity files on any of the software is a very good approach. This again is something that can be done on Adobe's products but not to the same degree. This feels much better overall and allows for quick edits in different styles or fashions.

Works with Adobe's files

Plus, Affinity also works with Adobe's files, so you can export as a PSD or import a PSD and you often have very little issues in-between. This is a very good solution and shows the time and craftmanship that has gone into these products. Affinity's Suite looks much better and a lot more polished in my opinion as well - however, this is of course a personal preference.


Adobe unfortunately adopted a pay monthly model; this means that it is no longer reasonable to be able to consider their software for our business. Affinity offers a one-time fee for their products and many frequent sales. They offer quick and friendly customer support and will always help you. There is a whole forum for people to post in and share ideas and they clearly care about their products. They frequently adopt the latest technologies and API's provided by different companies like Apple and that is very good to see.

This is why we have switched to Affinity; we hope you will give them a try as well.

© Danny Franklin 2020

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