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Motivation - the key to success - update
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Monday 16th July 2018 (3 years ago)

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We felt we needed to explain our actions more clearly, so you can see the position we have been put in.

So, what is happening?

As of the 1st of August – Chatfuel, the people who are behind our bot platform, have decided to update their pricing structure. Currently we are using their free plan as we cannot afford to put any more money behind the “Motivation – The key to success” (View on Facebook) project as its aims are almost charitable in nature – we want to inspire you to live a better life. We make no money at all from this endeavour and are frequently put at a loss to try and spread motivation. They are capping the number of users who can access the chat bot using their free plan to just 5,000. We currently have 13,521 active users and therefore this will certainly affect us.

Chatfuel are “excited to announce” these new plans which are literally destroying the core aspects of our community. Many people love getting motivational quotes directly to their messenger inbox. We were also working on implementations to allow users to share quotes with each other using the chat bot. Unfortunately, these plans have now all been axed.

Chatfuel propose we pay $120 a month to keep delivering motivation to all of you. We do not think this is fair, when we make nothing back from this at all.

What are we going to do about it?

Well, as it stands, not a lot. We will remove the bot integration from our page. Removing one of the core features that our users love as the bot will not be in a functional state. We have reached out to Chatfuel and they failed to respond in time for publication - if they make contact with us we will update you.

However, most importantly, we would like to issue all of you with an apology. You, the users, have been why our little motivational community has grown. You’ve sent us feedback which has allowed us to adapt our way of delivering information. You have shared our posts with your friends and helped share our motivation. I think between all of us, we may have, just maybe, made the world a slightly better place. So, it is with the deepest regret that I bring you this news today. We are actively looking into either alternative bot platforms or alternative solutions.

Once again, we are sorry but hope you understand.

Quote from and read more at - Chatfuel Blog

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