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Saturday 6th April 2019 (1 year ago)
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Privacy is an important part of everyones life. It feels like for too long we have not had enough control over the data that people have on us. We allow too much tracking data to follow us around and associate our searches with us. We never know what information is associated nor how that association came to take place. This has always been a pressing issue for us.

DACCAA has always used Google Custom Search for DACCAA Search as it seemed like the best option at the time of creation. It was a quick way to bring search results that you know to a service which was really new. We had limited technical knowhow and this was simple to add. Unfortunately we are at a point today where Google's philosophy no longer resonates with ours. It is therefore time to distance ourselves from Google and other services that track users far too much.

What are we going to do?

Starting with DACCAA Search we are going to be changing the way we work. DACCAA Invincible will introduce new search results powered by Microsoft's Bing API. This will allow us to bring powerful results from one of the world's largest search engines and provide this to you without exposing your data. All requests will appear from DACCAA's Servers and you therefore will not be exposed to any tracking.

We will also be removing Google analytics from our pages and any other connected Google products. If we want a service or a solution we will be powering it ourselves, as only then, can we see what data is being collected.

A leading approach to privacy

DACCAA has introduced, what we call, a leading approach to privacy. You can, at anytime, view all data that we have on you from the Account page. This shows you everything we store in our database about you and you can see this as this changes.

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