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Friday 1st June 2018 (3 years ago)

So DACCAA Articles V3.1.0 is fully underway. Some features are gradually being rolled out already while others are still being built. We wanted to highlight some of the upcoming changes that you may notice around here. If you notice any bugs or have any comments then please get in touch with DACCAA Support at DACCAA Support and leave feedback - general comments are okay in the comments section - just it may take longer to see them.

New logo

Firstly, as you may have noticed, we have a new logo. The logo and showcase logo should take effect straight away with the menu updated (we have also reorganised the services within the menu) and we have converted that logo into the showcase logo (see above). The new logo is designed to reflect a lot more on the new design of DACCAA Articles as apposed to the strong reds of the old version.

Who has commended?

So in version 3.1.0 we will show you the author who has commended your article. You will be able to see who has commended your article and you will be able to view their profile (what they have made public). This is part of our effort for enhanced user stats and engagement information.


We have spent a lot of time working on a related articles algorithm and this will be one of the highlights of this release. When you scroll to the end of the article, we will dynamically load in related article suggestions. These will be based on your account and based on the article you have just read.

Navigation Bar

We are working to add the right type of navigation bar to the articles pages so that users can easily head back to the homepage of DACCAA Articles. The navigation bar, in this build, will only provide basic back functionality but we expect to see it capable of much more in future builds.


Search features will be present in this build. The search is one of the most important features for DACCAA Articles and the content discovery, therefore we are re-adding back all search features (and more) to DACCAA Articles.

Browse by category

In this build you will also be able to browse by category. All articles are now categorised and therefore are able to be ordered by category. So in this version we will add ordering by category.


If you like an article, add it to your favourites. We are building a personalised favourites section for DACCAA Artricles, if you like an article, then you just add it to your favourites. Your favourites will also be able to serve as a "read later".


You will receive alerts whenever a friend publishes an article. We will send non-urgent alerts so you will not receive a notification about this on Facebook Messenger.

New URL structure

You may have noticed that all new articles (and some recent articles) have been updated to our new URL structure. This changes the URL of articles to something like this daccaa-articles-v3-1 from something like this article.php?id=36 this new change makes it much easier to see what the article is about and also optimises it for search engines.

We are calling them DACCAA Articles Vanity URL's.

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