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Can Black Ops 4 deliver the game-play Battle Royale truly deserves?
Call Of Duty
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Thursday 17th May 2018 (3 years ago)

So, Call of Duty has just graced the world with a preview of its next instalment "Black Ops 4". Black Ops 4 continues the Call of Duty franchise further and heading back to some of its more popular roots. I will not, in this article, be getting into the lack of a campaign or many of the other features announced - I will instead be focusing on "Blackout", their Battle Royale mode.

Another Battle Royale mode...

Another Battle Royale mode is here. Call of Duty announced they would bring it out with their release info about Black Ops 4 today. Which to me excites me as what we currently have in the area of Battle Royale is pretty poor. PUBG tends to be very buggy and Fortnite is more open and inclusive to the younger age groups. I believe a game like Call of Duty will deliver realistic graphics and a gripping style of game-play that Battle Royale games truly deserve.

I feel that this is the time where we will see other companies take on Battle Royale and it may even help change and shape the existing games. Especially because all games companies tend to learn from and copy features from one another. Because of this, I would expect to see improvements all around, with games that offer this style of play.


Both PUBG and Fortnite run off AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is all well and good. But the experience with connectivity on both of those games seems to be somewhat problematic - sure, it does keep getting better - but I feel a game like Call of Duty with its own dedicated servers will excel in this environment and I feel that this is the front which Call of Duty will have a significant lead in.

Weapon Mechanics

Say what you like about Call of Duty, but it does have some of the best weapon mechanics around. Call of Duty has been releasing games for over fifteen years now which has meant they have tried and tested weapon mechanics. Fortnite and PUBG are both fairly new to this front with somewhat questionable systems at times. Accuracy is a key complaint with Fortnite especially.

You be the judge, let us know in the comments.

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