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The 4th Generation Apple TV - Review
Apple Tv
4th Gen
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Friday 1st January 2016 (5 years ago)

The brand new Apple TV (4th generation) is a major improvement to the previous version. It brings some much needed improvements such as adding Siri and Apple Music. There are general speed enhancements throughout and support for multitasking. I have been using the new Apple TV on a Samsung Television and it has deeper connections with the TV itself. If you click the remote, it will change to the Apple TV and if your TV is turned off, it will turn it on. The new remote is amazing compared to the previous one as well. I like the ability to reduce loud noises in shows so if you are watching at night time explosions will not be as loud.


The brand new Siri remote is amazing, you can do so much with Siri. I like the deep integration with other services such as Netflix. It is as simple as saying, Show me some of the most popular films on Netflix, and then the Apple TV slides up a list of films on Netflix which are the most popular films. You can also search the iTunes store as well. You can control Apple Music and make sports searches as well as weather. I quite like saying, What did he say? to Siri as it then rewinds the show slightly and temporarily turns on subtitles so you can see what was said.


The brand new Apple TV has major speed improvements and requires a lot less loading. It has moved over to an app based system so you can essentially do multitasking. You can leave films on in the player and then go to a different app to play a game. Music like the last Apple TV is able to be played throughout and in apps that support it, it can play during them.

Other Features

The Apple TV remote works with your TV to control the volume. It uses an IR blaster on the front of the remote to control your TV, you don't seem to need to have to input your TV type in. Siri is able to tell you the time, sports scores, weather updates or search the iTunes store and netflix databases. You can reduce loud sounds so that it doesn't disturb anyone at night time. You can control Apple Music with Siri or just use it and your playlists sync over.


Is this the future of gaming?

© Danny Franklin 2016

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