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Brand new design officially released
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Thursday 12th November 2015 (5 years ago)

DACCAA Articles have always been about letting anyone create high quality online articles about anything they like to share with the world. We have always prided ourselves on our article design and creation process. Unfortunately design trends are constantly changing and that has meant a need to make a new template. The brand new template puts DACCAA Articles design back at the forefront of article websites.

Brand new design

The brand new design has been released, you can now login with your DACCAA account and view any of your articles, doing this will reveal the editors bar which you will then be able to upgrade your design to the new template or if you have already upgraded, you will be able to downgrade to the previous design. Want to learn more about the editors bar? Visit this link:

New information

One of the important things with DACCAA Articles is to allow people to easily express themselves but also to allow the readers to see more by that author. Luckily DACCAA Article template V2 shows more information about the author and their recent articles plus provides a link to that authors page as well. This will allow your audience to easily see and find more of your articles.

More accessibility

It was important to allow more people to easily access your articles which is why we have created a way for the reader to quickly change the design into a dyslexia friendly colour scheme - this has not been officially verified however it follows advice from reputable sources. You also have a reduce colour mode which allows DACCAA Articles to remove all colour from the website excluding images.

What do you think?

We rely heavily on what our users think, so it is important that you let us know. The more you tell us, the better we can adapt and change our articles service.

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