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Friday 11th May 2018 (4 years ago)

DACCAA Articles is proud to announce our brand new version. This version takes us to DACCAA Articles 3.0 and we have completely redesigned the whole system to make everything you know and love better on DACCAA Articles.

The Articles

The articles now have a brand new modern, simple and clean user interface. The main thing people want to see when they are reading an article is the article itself not adverts, not copyright notes that take up a good chunk of the screen and so on. This is just some of the stuff we were able to learn from the previous builds of DACCAA Articles.

The Address

We are called DACCAA Articles, so it made no sense to have as the website address, so we have updated our website address to which is a much better reflection of our brand as a whole.


We have switched DACCAA Articles over to markdown from our custom language, this allows many new things such as table and line breaks and more but also it means that you don't have to avoid using different symbols like £ in fear that it would affect the structure of the document. This should also lead to faster load times.

Still work to be done...

We are still very much working on this and value your feedback throughout the process. We will make changes slowly throughout until we have the best possible experience we can create.

© Danny Franklin 2018

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