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Sunday 6th August 2017 (4 years ago)


I have recently concluded watching Power seasons 1 - 4. I feel it is an interesting TV show to say the least and I have not found anything quite like it.

My thoughts

I thought the show was great overall. Series 3 and 4 were a lot better as they had brilliant storylines to it. Series 1 and 2 seemed to be driven by sexual content that the show was not afraid to display. The show also never shied away from violence with moderate to extreme violence levels present throughout. This show is certainly not intended for a younger viewer.

Violence and Sexual content

The show seems to be driven primarily on this basis. There is heavy amounts of both sexual content and violence throughout. A lot of the times the sexual content felt forced in order to appeal to the target audience. The violence I feel was necessary to deliver a truly gripping and compelling story.

My overall thoughts

Overall I thought that this show was good. I would happily give it a 7/10. I feel that the first two series were slightly monotonous however if you bear with it, it is an enjoyable watch. I watched the series in its entirety on Netflix and it is also available in Ultra HD 4K.

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