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iOS 11 - The overall feel!
IOS 11
Creator/Co-founder of DACCAA, web/iOS developer and technology enthusiast.
Wednesday 7th June 2017 (4 years ago)

iOS 11 - what do we think!

iOS 11 is a lovely update to the Apple Ecosystem. That being said it does not really bring any new features. I have spent over a day with the Beta software and whilst I am removing it as it is far too buggy at the moment there is some features I will miss with the downgrade.

Safety First!

Apple has realised a do not disturb I am driving mode and also made Emergency SOS a lot clearer.

Intelligence and Machine Learning

This update was all about your phone having more intelligence. Being more proactive, blocking tracking codes on safari and instead using Apples internal tracking codes. However they are apparently more secure - and by the looks of it more useful.

Full review to follow

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