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DACCAA Sport - The Story
Creator/Co-founder of DACCAA, web/iOS developer and technology enthusiast.
Saturday 31st December 2016 (4 years ago)

DACCAA Sport - The story of how it came to be

DACCAA Sport is a brand new service that DACCAA is offering on its website completely free of charge for anyone - members and non-members. The complete experience is based on what we here at DACCAA deem to be a new way to get your sports information. The approach differs from normal approaches as previously websites had been designed in a content first manner however whilst we take the content into consideration we have a very big push with design.

Why focus on design?

We focus primarily on design so much as you can have all the content you want but you may not be able to get the content you need due to a poor user experience. Plus we feel that other websites providing sports news are very out dated in terms of design and that there should be better offerings available especially as we have started to expect more from website and mobile apps as designs are improving significantly.

Does design sacrifice content?

People often say to us at DACCAA that to have a great design you have to sacrifice content for example in the case of a league table, converting that into boxes from a table was a difficult choice to make as people are inherently going to want to check the table out and compare results however we noticed that most users were checking where their team was and the nearest competitors which can easily be done. We do not believe that a great design should sacrifice any content in fact we believe that a great design should allow you to include more. We also added what we call visual cues to the results so that you don't have to look out for the W (win) you can see it is green so straightaway you know what that is about - plus colour is a universal language.

It is still being built

The complete website should hopefully be finished at some point next year, as it is only a side project I cannot provide you with a more specific date then that. If the popularity of the website increases we will look into releasing mobile applications and providing more features and functionality. You can let us know in the comments what you think or what features you would like adding to the site and as always feel free to use the contact link in the universal menu to send some feature suggestions in.

Thanks for your continued support.

© Danny Franklin 2016

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