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Harry's Shaving Subscription Review
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Monday 14th August 2017 (4 years ago)

Today I am going to be reviewing the subscription service provided by Harry's. Firstly, the subscription service is a fantastic idea in my humble opinion.

Subscription services guarantee revenue for a company so therefore the consumer normally benefits at reduced prices. This is certainly the case here with refill packs being considerably cheaper then may be spent on alternative brands.

The trial pack

The trial pack is a completely free pack (other than delivery) which I got to kick-start my subscription. It includes the razor itself along with one blade and some shaving gel. The packs presentation was amazing. This is a company that prides itself on elegance and sure enough it delivered. The presentation of the items were astonishing as I have never ever seen a company take this much care and detail in this sort of area - it is like the Apple of shaving products. I literally cannot state in words how brilliant all of this packaging is. It really sells the overall experience.

Included with the razor and gel are some additional pieces such as a shaving guide and a thank you letter from the founders. Both are well made and well printed. The shaving guide goes through some things in a rather comical way which makes what may otherwise be a slightly monotonous read more interesting.

The razor is made in Germany and designed in America. There is a profound quality found within the razor, just to pick up the razor and feel it in your hand even feels special. The build quality is simply amazing for something so commonly produced inexpensively.

The trial pack also came with some gel but I think I love the gel that much that I may have to speak about that in its own section later on.

Using the razor

The razor would most easily be compared to the Gillette Fusion. I have personally found I can shave as comfortably with either of the two razors and they both are really good. The Harry's razor does win when it comes to feel and build quality as they are phenomenal compared to the Gillette brands.

The shaving gel

The idea of shaving gels are quite simple however it is something that must be carried out correctly to get the perfect experience. The Harry's shaving gel is the best shaving gel I have ever used! It surpasses every expectation I had. The quality of the gel is amazing, the design of the bottle in which it is stored, yet again, is amazing. The gel foams up really well providing you with a perfect shave.

A subscription, for shaving??

Yes, you are right. It is a subscription for shaving. I believe all of the products can be purchased from their website without the need for a subscription. How does the subscription feel in terms of for a shaving service? Well, it actually feels pretty great. You can cancel at any time, you can change the frequency of your deliveries depending on how frequently you shave, you can customise what is sent out to you with the deliveries. You are in complete control. I believe this model works and could save you quite a bit, if set up correctly for your shaving frequency.

What do I think?

I think this is an absolutely amazing product. I believe Harry's care and quality are just outstanding. They deserve at the very least for you to give them a try. I will rate the whole experience I have had with them 10/10.

If you want to find out more, head to Harry's below:

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