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Want windows 10 now?
Windows 10
Creator/Co-founder of DACCAA, web/iOS developer and technology enthusiast.
Wednesday 29th July 2015 (6 years ago)

Windows 10, one of the most highly anticipated operating system releases. Many are hoping that this operating system will be a lot better than previous versions. Windows 8 failed to see the growth that Microsoft was hoping for with is modern design and new way of thinking.

Want Windows 10 now?

If you want windows 10 now, there seems to be a link available posted on a Microsoft website. (Click Here). Here you can click on your chosen PC architecture and then download an installer. You are then provided with an option to upgrade. This seems to work fine and well as a quick upgrade option, but obviously we suggest you backup all files first in case of any problems. Let us know your experience in the comments below:

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