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Poltergeist Gamers Returns!
Poltergeist Gamers
Creator/Co-founder of DACCAA, web/iOS developer and technology enthusiast.
Thursday 20th October 2016 (5 years ago)

We have unfortunately been away for some time now and the Poltergeist Gamers channel has remained dormant. But fear not, for the channel is being brought back from the dead!

We are back

When are we back?

We cannot give you a date yet but our first video which will be a game of Fifa with Max and Danny Vs. Taran (our new member). This video will be uploaded on that Friday and is probably one of the better videos we have released so far. Ben is still very much a part of the group however during filming he was unable to make that day.

New member?

Yes, that is right! Taran is our new member!

We are back 2

You may have seen Taran before in our Crossbar Challenge video and Dizzy Penalties video. Taran has a keen interest in sport so he brings to the table new and entertaining games to play such as Fifa plus he will hopefully bring more videos like the Crossbar Challenge as well.

The problem with the latest challenge is that Taran has a lot of experience playing Fifa. Max and I have practically none apart from a few warm up games before filming. All I am saying is those warm up games did not go in our favour.

Be sure to check out our latest video and let us know what you think. Plus let us know if there are a certain type of video that you would like to see more of.

© Danny Franklin 2016

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