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Game Review: Color Sheep
Color Sheep
Shrek is love, Shrek is life
Wednesday 12th October 2016 (5 years ago)

Well this is a thing, color sheep where you blast wolves in the face with lasers, that's about it.


In a time long ago... OK. No. this game has no plot, a sheep is by itself and for some reason has the ability to fire lasers. Wolves want to kill him because |oh no he has beam based death| and want him gone.

Game play

Color sheep works by having your sheep change Color to blast wolfs, the color you change needs to match the wolfs color for it to die, this starts easy but gets more difficult when you have to start mixing colors to stop new wolves.


This game is a strange one and definitely something to play if you need to burn some time while waiting for something.

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© Jack Cliff 2016

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